Salt Lamp Lickers, Act 3: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Part 127

The Missed - Activation - Just Because Records - 8 songs - 12”, digital

Sort of the second album from The Missed– “sort of” because I don’t know if they consider their demo tape an album (I do) and also because 8 songs is a bit short for a punk album but it doesn’t feel that short listening to it, so I guess it evens out. The songs here are more like their 7” from a couple years ago than those first recordings, though the main thing is the same: hooky pop-punk. Mickey Mocnik not only has an immediately identifiable voice but a quite recognizable guitar playing style too (clearly Greg Sage influenced but very much her own thing) and Sebastian Wagner and Kent Sliney make up a very capable rhythm section. Obviously this band is great at the punk rippers (see “Over The Ledge” (did I already say something about the Wipers?), “You Otto Know,” “Fake It”) but I’ve come to really like the two slower ones on here, “Sink” and “Choke”– maybe they’re a bit quieter but certainly no less intense, and the latter has a great fast part at the end. “Listen Close” was another favorite– cool drum fill in there and a great guitar solo. This is one that grew on me with multiple listens and seems to just keep getting better. 4/5


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Volume 18, Issue 22, Posted 1:41 PM, 11.02.2022