Jesus Is Not Republican

Jesus is not a Republican. There are awesome Godly men and women who voted Republican their entire lives (including my husband, until 2016) and many good Republican people in elected office, but now many of those Republicans in the party of Trump are taking great liberties with my Jesus. By showing the cross with a red, white and blue flag on it behind him in the photo, this Ad by Keith Davey upsets me. 

By associating our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the Republican party, this outrage has become a huge source of shame for the church and for Christians like me. It is long overdue that the entire church denounce this practice. It is embarrassing to me as a Christian. I too am  conservative, patriotic and a devout Christian - and I don’t like this. I don’t align myself with Davey as he defines himself with these same words.

Also, Christianity is not nationalism. We are Christians first, Americans second. If politics compromises our allegiance to our King Jesus, then we must reject such practices by politicians. Its leads to such abominations as sayings like “Jesus is my Savior and Trump is my President” when our Capitol was violated. We can't let Christianity or the cross become a tool for political beliefs that go against Jesus' teachings. That is not who we are in Christ.


Mary Bodnar

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Volume 18, Issue 21, Posted 1:41 PM, 11.02.2022