And Now The Rest Of The Story: The Lakewood Health Foundation Should Cover The Cost Of A Second Ambulance From Lakewood Family Health Center To An Actual Emergency Room

The September 21st issue of the Lakewood Observer contained a letter entitled:

“It's Past Time For Lakewood To Partially Mitigate Its Error In Tearing Down Lakewood Hospital.” Unfortunately, the article, as printed, was incomplete and ended with a notice “Read the rest of this article online at”

That article concerned the deficiency of the Emergency Department of the Cleveland Clinic medical building at Belle and Detroit Avenues. The published part of the article ended with an incomplete sentence beginning with the words, “Some ambulances.”

Not all readers of the Observer are equipped to read the full article online at For the benefit of those who have not been able to read the remainder of the article, as the late Paul Harvey has said many times on his radio program, “and now the rest of the story:”

“Some ambulances charge more than $1,000.00 for that second transport whether they provided any medical service on the way or not. Lakewood citizens should not have to pay for a second ambulance.

If Lakewood still had a hospital a second ambulance ride would not be necessary. Lakewood has up to four EMS teams. Under ordinary circumstances one should be available for transporting Lakewood citizens from the inadequate “Emergency” facil- ity on Belle Avenue to a hospital that has an actual emergency department.

The City could seek grant money from the Three Arches Foundation to cover the expense of such hospital runs. After all, the many millions of dollars funding the Three Arches Foundation came from the Lakewood Hospital Foundation that existed to help keep Lakewood Hospital an excellent City asset.

Closing the hospital down knowing it could still be in operation was wrong. Tearing down property worth over one hundred million dollars was wrong. The City has a duty to mitigate its wrong prior action, at least to a small extent, by relieving its citizens from the expense of paying for a second ambulance.”

Edward Graham is a former member of Lakewood City Council.

Edward Graham

Former Member Lakewood City Council

Volume 18, Issue 19, Posted 5:28 PM, 10.05.2022