Letter to the Editor: Every Vote Counts!

Every vote counts! In the August Observer, Jack Weigand wrote, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Terri Kern wisely warned in her Letter to the Editor in Chief not to rely on biased TV ads and candidate and political party websites dictating what laws are going to be. Cindy Marx in her article spoke of the integrity of the Board of Elections making sure of an honest vote and tally and the valor of the League of Women Voters who set up “imitation voting booths” at the Lakewood Arts Festival to educate non-voters how to vote.

My immigrant parents instilled in me the importance of voting. I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18 including the 61 years living in Lakewood. I served as Executive Secretary of the Young Dems when John F. Kennedy ran for president and later organized the Democratic Women’s Council with activists Jane Spock and Shirley Stokes. For years, I served as precinct committee woman and continue my membership in the Lakewood Democratic Club.

VOTE, it’s your BREAD and Butter. Unfortunately our civics classes have failed to instill our youths with the truth that our freedoms depend on those we elect to office. Leadership in Columbus with restricted rights against the freedom of women to choose has made us partners with South Carolina and Alabama. Polling of Ohioans shows that the public does not agree with these restricted laws. Your VOTE will agree or disagree. It’s also an obligation to speak your voice.

Before you cast your vote, however, educate yourself by reading both the Democratic and Republican platforms on the internet. The candidate you choose represents the party principals. Then, VOTE as Jack, Terri, Cindy urge. I also urge that you CONSIDER RUNNING FOR OFFICE. Start locally as I did. Run for precinct committee person and commit yourself to responsible citizenship. Then expand to others your enthusiasm to be a voter.

Stephanie Gordon is a Dyslexia Specialist and diagnostician and Owner of Dyslexia Services in the INA Building 1973-2020. She has been a Lakewood resident since 1961. 

StephanieM Gordon

Dyslexia Specialist and diagnostician. Owner of Dyslexia Services in INA Building 1973-2020. Author, LetterMan Program. Lakewood resident since 1961. M.A degree Boston University, political science.

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Volume 18, Issue 17, Posted 12:38 PM, 09.21.2022