Invasion Of The Electric Scooters

I always enjoy Rob Masek's comics in The Lakewood Observer, but the recent one (Vol. 18, Issue 15) was especially apropos.

Those electric scooters and bikes are left everywhere and have become "eye pollution." They certainly are not used properly but left in the sidewalk, on people's yards and have become useless clutter.   If the idea was to save using a motor vehicle to cut gasoline exhaust, they have instead created an unsightly mess, not to mention they are a hazard to traffic when used on the street. The scooters start out in a nicely designed parking spot. Who will pick them up when left around town?   Perhaps someone will conduct a survey to validate their use against the cost of cleaning up unnecessary "eye" pollution and clutter on our Lakewood streets.   -- 
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Volume 18, Issue 17, Posted 12:38 PM, 09.21.2022