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ARIES: You’ve got the energy of the energizer bunny this month, Ram. Your health is looking great, and you’re looking good to the world. Do something bold, new & courageous…

TAURUS: This is one time the Bull should stay in the Bullpen; stuff is going on behind the scenes; it just may be a bit of romance; mind your Ps & Qs, and keep a lid on it; no red capes.

GEMINI: The Twins are the social butterflies of the Zodiac, and this month is no exception. The only difference is that you’ll be doing much more entertaining at home on the range this month.

CANCER: Lady Luck is still shining on the Crab’s career; get out in that community of yours & spread the word; if you don’t do it, who will…come out of that shell of yours and network, baby.

LEO: Looks like the Lion’s going to be leaving the familiar jungle to travel afar on foreign land, or maybe you’re just brushing up on your Italian to take a trip overseas, no time like the present.

VIRGO: It’s time to open your arms up to the Universe and say, “Show me the money.” Yep, you’ve got money coming to you from another source; make sure you’re ready for it on all fronts.

LIBRA: Your partnership arena is lighting up, business & personal: there’s a matter or two that you’re keeping quiet for the month, that’s good, it’s not time yet to break the news to the world.

SCORPIO: Scorpion, keep an eye on your health this month; you’ve got Jupiter there, which could bring expansion or good fortune; the word is moderation; get out; mingle with your friends. 

SAGITTARIUS: The Centaur’s house of romance is blazing, and the career is getting a healthy dose of sunshine from the Universe; remember to keep everything in the positive light.

CAPRICORN: The hearth is where the heart is, whether it’s a new place or sprucing up the home; you may have a visitor from a foreign land, try some ethnic foods this month, live a little.

AQUARIUS: Transformation abounds; try looking right under your nose in the neighborhood; you might take a chance and buy a lotto ticket this month; if someone's going to win, why shouldn't it be you?

PISCES: Love and money are swimming in Fish’s lake this month. You deserve to navigate the seas and find a mermaid or two; there’s not another sign as dreamy, mystical & magical as you.

Eva Starr, the local astrologer, has been studying the moon & stars since she could read. You can reach Starr at

Eva Starr

     Eva Starr recently moved back to her heartland state of Ohio, after the transition of her mother. Starr spent the last ten years in San Diego digesting the alluring buffet of wisdom the West Coast had to offer. While there she attended the San Diego Culinary Institute, and worked as a chef in San Diego.
     Starr also published her book Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself, while in San Diego featured at the 2016 LA Times Book Festival, and Oprah Winfrey’s Reading Room.
     She continues to follow her metaphysical path, teaching Astrology, hosting her television show Reach for the Moon, and exploring the diversified culinary delights Lakewood has to offer.

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Volume 18, Issue 17, Posted 5:29 PM, 09.07.2022