Scents Make A Difference In Single Mothers Lives

Let's help single mothers in the projects with good smelling lotions (like Jergens), soap (like Dove) bath gels (Bed, Bath & Beyond) etc. Please all name brands. The mothers are always getting hand-me-downs, generics, and off brands; I want them to know the congregation at Grace Church think they are special.

I was once a single mother in the projects and we didn't experience anything like aroma therapy! We smell a lot of diapers, adolescent body odors, not to mention their horrendous gym shoes. Single moms stretch whatever they have to make ends meet. It usually doesn't. They sacrifice a lot, unrewarded in the projects. Their boys can eat a whole box of cereal in a day. I understand their struggle.

Mothers don't even think about themselves, but I do and want them to have a good smelling product just for them. Something as small as a brand new bottle of sweet scented moisturizing lotion is a luxury that can make such a difference in a woman's attitude and outlook on life.

If you can, please bring any of the above products, or others, to Grace Presbyterian Church, 1659 Rosewood Ave, in Lakewood, any Sunday in September between 10 am -12 pm. Parking lot entrance off of Westwood Avenue.

The single mothers will be so happy to have new, feminine articles just for them.

Thank you for your kindness.

Volume 18, Issue 17, Posted 5:29 PM, 09.07.2022