Lakewood League Of Women Voters Mary Warren Impact Scholarship Winner Teegan McGann's Winning Essay

"How can our federal, state, and local governments better provide for basic human needs?"

To provide for basic human needs, our federal, state, and local governments must start by making support for these needs accessible. But first, what are these needs? Starting at the most basic system that can transform a generation: education. Education is essential to each child in every community, for it develops the young thinker today into a bright intellectual tomorrow. To have a proper, impactful education that sparks a passion or inspires you to make a difference in our world is an education filled with support—from teachers to community members. 

Good teachers, those who love teaching students with a passion, are key predictors of a student’s success. They must be committed to their work and the progress of every one of their students for the betterment of society as a whole. They must be mentors who use teaching as a vehicle to push students beyond their current knowledge. And most of all, they must do this all out of selflessness and devotion to their students. To employ good teachers, the government must value teaching as a high profession in society, starting with a salary increase. Teaching is often overlooked as a “last resort” occupation when really it is one of great privilege and reward. So many of my own teachers have left a profound impact on my life, shaping my morals and values into what they are today.

To effectively ensure this quality of education, teachers must be evaluated on their ability to teach and connect with students. This is tricky, as you can’t measure connection, but you can get a good idea of their commitment based on their involvement with the community. When both teachers and community members uplift and support students outside of school, a security blanket is formed. It is important for students to understand that they are accepted for themselves, whether participating in a sporting event or musical concert. To celebrate and embrace a student’s passion is the highest level of support you can have, paving the way for student success.

Additionally, the government must provide accessible resources to all students to ensure their needs are met. For instance, no student should have to worry about what their next meal will be, or where they will take shelter for a night. Free meal plans and safe overnight spots for students are essential in ensuring that each child has equal access to education. As well, devoting time and money towards mental health/wellness services and extracurricular activities creates a stage of equal opportunity, regardless of economic status. Thus, providing these resources for students who are eager to learn yet drained from need-based situations in their life is vital for success within a community, ultimately carrying onto the large-scale state and federal levels.

Teegan plans to attend Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) in Fall of 2022 to study Undeclared Business, and then narrow down my study to something math related (such as economics or analytics). 

Cindy Strebig

Teegan plans to attend Miami University (Oxford) in Fall of 2022 to study Undeclared Business, and then narrow down her study to something math related (such as economics or analytics).

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