LHS History Club Celebrates Its Founder And Members

Student community builders are invaluable to any school, and Lakewood High School has many great leaders, classmates, organizers and teammates. They work to learn, get good grades and for other individual achievements, of course, but also think of ways to elevate the educational atmosphere of the school.
An exemplary community builder, the founder of our History Club, Alex Manaa ('18) graduated from Northwestern in June and will be in the Graduate Theatre Writing Program at NYU this fall.
Alex has a legacy that keeps growing: 21-22 was a fabulous year thanks to the energy, creativity and engagement of our students. Upon their initiative, they tackled issues from the cute and light (Dogs vs Cats) to deadly serious (The Ukraine-Russia Conflict). We were hyper local (the "Suburban Experiment") and International (the History of Bangladesh).
Very grateful to all those students who created and delivered powerful presentations for the benefit of our school community—outgoing Presidents Emma Hart and Joshua Mika (pictured), Audrey Carson, Meg Winters, Leah Campbell, Edie Barcelona, Stella Rosen, Rodshi Rahman, Zoey Serna, Beckett Broadwater, Finley Thompson, Anna Maurer and Eva Wischhusen.
We are looking forward to another fabulous year. Our mission, crafted mostly by Alex, is as follows: —"The LHS History Club aspires to engage students, staff and the citizens of Lakewood in dialogue about the history of our town, region, nation and world. All presentations are created and delivered collaboratively by teachers and students."
Mission accomplished, but we have great plans for 22-23, including resuming Lakewood Public Library Presentations after a 2-year Covid Hiatus.
Long live Lakewood.

Volume 18, Issue 16, Posted 7:58 PM, 08.03.2022