Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor In Chief:

This letter aims to acknowledge the divide bogging down our democracy and offer a way to open a dialogue between liberal and conservative Ohioans. Through a grassroots organization called Country First, I believe Ohio can serve as a role model to show Americans in other states that there's hope for healing.  

Our district, US OH-9, is consistently gerrymandered and a seat that Marcy Kaptur (D) has held since 1983. Her opponent is J.R. Majewski (R), a Trump-endorsed QAnon election denier who proudly boasts about his involvement in the January 6th insurrection. I’m a conservative Ohioan who believes sending Majewski to the US House of Representatives would be dangerous.

An organization like Country First allows me to express my beliefs and fears to a wide range of people with whom I know my views are valued, even if they're not the same. Focusing on common ground, I can turn to my team and devise a plan of action to support Kaptur and weed out toxic candidates.

I see Ohio bringing back manufacturing and other industry jobs to a state with laws that help us live the American dream in a way WE define together. I hope we can grow Country First in Ohio as a place where we put our heads together as one big community and position Ohio as the BEST state in which to live no matter who you are.

Ohio's nicknamed "The Mother of Presidents."  Let's show the world we're the Mother of Democracy by doing what Ohioans do best - problem solve and lift this great state to her full potential!  

Ohioans - get involved.  Our government works for us!

Terri Kern is a proud Ohioan and a clinical counselor offering mental health services to all Ohioans!

Terri Kern

I'm a proud Ohioan and a clinical counselor offering mental health services to all Ohioans!

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Volume 18, Issue 14, Posted 7:00 PM, 07.20.2022