Mayor's Corner: Happy Fourth Of July

Summer in Lakewood is a special time. As one the most walkable communities in Ohio, our city really comes alive when the weather is sunny, and we can all get outside and enjoy all Lakewood has to offer. Whether it's large summer festivals and events or small backyard gatherings, our city is a community that loves to enjoy this season.

No events capture the feeling of summer in Lakewood more than the Fourth of July Parade and our fantastic fireworks display in Lakewood Park. I was thrilled to see so many of you along the parade route this year, as we were finally able to host this fun, family-friendly gathering again after two difficult years off due to COVID-19. I want to thank all the city staff who make the parade possible and all the community groups and leaders who marched in the parade and showed their Lakewood spirit. I hope to see you all again at Meltdown on July 16th downtown.

Our fireworks display continues to be a regional highlight. A big thank you also must go out to our safety forces and city team who make this a safe and spectacular time of thrilling lights and sounds. One related item I want to highlight is that Lakewood recently enacted an updated fireworks ordinance to opt out of the state’s legislation allowing carte blanche use of fireworks across Ohio. I agreed with the many of you who reached out to me to say that this law was not right for Lakewood, so we crafted legislation to opt out of the state law and keep the discharge of consumer-grade fireworks out of Lakewood. So please keep this in mind as you have fun this summer.

As I reflect on the joys of the summer season in our fair city, I realize that all of us who make our Lakewood our home here like to think that our city is an amazing place to live. So, it’s nice when a national publication takes notice of Lakewood and gives us an outsider’s appreciation of how unique our city is. You may have heard that last week, Thrillist – a national travel and entertainment media company based in New York City – included Lakewood on its list of the top ten Suburban Neighborhoods to move to in America. Thrillist noted our city’s beauty, natural amenities, affordable housing, culture and diversity, and strong small business community. It’s a nice read that reminds us to appreciate what we have here in Lakewood and inspires us to keep working to make it even better.

Volume 18, Issue 13, Posted 12:21 PM, 07.06.2022