Lakewood Observer Celebrates Its 17th Year In Print

Seventeen years ago, The Lakewood Observer after a two year start online, hit the streets of Lakewood in its printed form.

At the time we had no idea how the city would accept us. A community paper written completely by the citizens of Lakewood, for the citizens of Lakewood? Let’s just say the printed newspaper was an instant success.

Now seventeen years later, we are still going strong, and looking forward to the next 7,000+ Lakewoodites who will take the time to share their stories, photos, illustrations and observations with their neighbors in the city of Lakewood.

The fun, excitement and positive actions that have flowed out of this project make me love it more and more every day.

The Lakewood Observer gave birth not just to the print version, but through it many of Lakewood’s most loved programs took shape, like the Lakewood Earth And Food Group, Bike Lakewood, Lakewood Is Art (LPL Front Porch Concerts), MAMA, which became Uptown Lakewood and many more.

Through our dedication to highlighting worthwhile endeavors in Lakewood from Lakewoodites, to digging into the facts and the truth, no one has done a better job than the Observers collectively.

I want to personally thank everyone that has contributed or will. To all of our readers and supporters. To our advertisers who make it all possible and to my wife Deb O’Bryan for keeping the ship headed in the right direction. Thanks and a tip of the hat to our Editors, Betsy Voinovich and Editor Emeritus Margaret Brinich.

If you have a story to tell, photos or illustrations you would like to share with the community, or you would like to explore our ever-growing library of the history of Lakewood, go to: http://lakewoodobserver. com/members and sign up today. No cost, no hassles, all fun!

Volume 18, Issue 14, Posted 10:30 PM, 07.06.2022