Rose Show At Church Of The Ascension June 25-26

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  • ‘Campfire’, a yellow blend Canadian-bred Shrub rose, is extremely winter-hardy and disease-resistant and is a multi-colored focal point in the garden.

  • ‘Tropical Lightning’ is a striking Large-flowered Climber with unique russet-striped coloring that grows as a small shrub or short climber in our climate.

  • ‘Whirlaway’ is a white Mini-Flora noted for its high-centered bloom form with petals that unfurl uniformly from a center point.

  • ‘Stӓmmler’, a very tall pink Hybrid Perpetual, has classic strong old garden rose fragrance and is disease-resistant.

  • ‘Polka®’ is a disease-resistant Large-flowered Climber with five-inch wide apricot blooms on long, graceful stems and a light fragrance.

  • ‘Golden Eye’ is a vigorous growing Shrub covered with profuse bright red blooms with golden stamens that can be used as a short climber.

  • ‘Diamond Eyes™’ is a deep mauve Miniature rose with fragrance and disease resistance that can be grown in the garden or in a pot.

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