Lakewood League Of Women Voters Mary Warren Impact Scholarship Winner, Kellyn Donahoe's Winning Essay

Kellyn Donahoe and Mary Warren.

"How can our federal, state, and local governments better provide for basic human needs?"

Education, jobs, personal hygiene and safety, healthy food, clean water, housing, transportation and good friends are all things that people need. It shouldn’t be so hard to get those things. Our government can help with those. Everyone should be included in the schools so that everyone has a chance to learn about their interests and prepare them for the adult world. Everyone should be able to go to school, even people who have challenges. College should be for anyone who wants to learn more to become independent and get ready for a career.

Transportation is necessary where people who can’t drive need a way to get around. Bike lanes are helpful for people who can bike. Safe walking places need to be available for everyone. It isn’t just cars that should take people places. We need transportation for all people. Healthy food keeps people healthy. Not everyone has a grocery store nearby. That's not right. We should be able to get good food easily. There is enough for everyone to have but we aren’t making it very easy to get it. 

When you go out of the house you should present yourself nicely and make a good impression on others. It goes along with feeling safe in your neighborhood and wherever you go. You should feel safe when you leave your house. Everyone needs a job where they can earn money to buy what they need to take care of themselves. Everyone can do something and should be able to get a job in the field that interests them. If you like your job you will do it well. People with challenges should also be able to get a job because everybody is good at something and they need to find a job that matches their skills. Everyone needs a place to live. No one should be without a home. Clean water and fresh air are important so we can live. We shouldn’t allow dirty water and pollution. People get sick and can’t live like that. People need friends who support them and care about them. Friends encourage you in life. You need friends when you are an adult too. They are a resource and someone to look to when you need a hand. 

The government can help by committing to make laws that will help people. College shouldn’t cost so much money. More money should be spent for buses, bike lanes, safe walkable sidewalks and not so much just for cars. We need more grocery stores nearby so people can get healthy food and not junk food. When you leave your house you should feel safe. The government can get rid of guns.

There should be enough jobs so everyone can have one and not just some people making money. Houses should not be expensive. Not everyone has enough money and it’s based on their jobs. So if you don’t have enough money then you don’t have a place to stay. We shouldn’t have dirty water. The government needs to test the water for pollution so you can live anywhere. The government can’t give you friends but if we can live and get out in our community then we can make friends. We all need to work together so that everyone can live a good safe life.

Kellyn Donahoe will be attending Kent State University in the Fall. 

Cindy Strebig

Kellyn will be attending Kent State University in the fall. 

Volume 18, Issue 12, Posted 12:51 PM, 06.15.2022