Board Of Ed Resolution Condemning Discriminative Legislation

The Board of Education, Special Meeting June 1, 2022


A RESOLUTION to condemn in the strongest possible manner House Bills 322, 327, and 616 currently before the 134th Ohio General Assembly:

  • ●  HB 322: Which seeks to prohibit the teaching of “prohibited concepts” such as systemic racism, gender identity and fluidity, or current events in Ohio’s K-12 schools;

  • ●  HB 327: Which seeks to prohibit the teaching of “divisive concepts” such historical oppression of racial and ethnic groups, or discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, or sex, in PreK-12 schools, including threats to teacher licenses and state school funding;

  • ●  HB 616: Which seeks to restrict how schools talk about sexual orientation and gender identity, including threats to teacher licenses and state school funding.

    WHEREAS teaching independent and analytical thinking is essential for students to develop the skills necessary to participate in their own education, civic discussion, and contribution to society, and

    WHEREAS educators have the knowledge, training, experience, and responsibility to provide students with an unbiased, comprehensive, inclusive education without pressure from partisan politics, and

    WHEREAS The Lakewood Board of Education has a duty to ensure that our schools present our students with a curriculum that is age-appropriate, unbiased, equitable, and diverse, and

    WHEREAS our students have a right to an education that teaches them to think independently, solve complex problems, practice empathy, communicate freely, develop global awareness, work with people from diverse populations and backgrounds, and grow as individuals, and

    WHEREAS the Ohio State Constitution grants local governments the powers of municipal home rule, giving local leaders the freedom to self-govern, and limits interference from state legislation, and

    WHEREAS our superintendent and administrators deserve to manage our district policies, procedures, and practices without undue interference, restriction, or pressure, and

    WHEREAS teachers and students have the right to explore ideas on history, current events, and historical topics through free discussion that promotes empathy, community, and understanding, and

The Board of Education, Special Meeting June 1, 2022

WHEREAS the Board of Education recognizes that the terms “divisive concepts” and “prohibited concepts” are broad, undefined and open-ended in a way that opens the door to political influence, allegations toward and censure of teachers, administrators, and board members that will disrupt education programs, achievement, and success, and

WHEREAS Ohio House Bills 322, 327, and 616 open educators and school districts to persecution, lawsuits, withholding of state funds, revocation of Advanced Placement accreditation, and other measures that seek to damage people and institutions dedicated to the education of our children, and

WHEREAS our community values diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and rejects attempts to restrict any of these values through fear mongering, abuse of power, and threats of repercussions, and

WHEREAS our Board of Education, administration, and teachers seek to be leaders in providing diverse curriculum, hiring diverse teachers, providing opportunities to students from diverse racial, economic, and developmental backgrounds, and

WHEREAS we celebrate the professional talents of our teachers, the dedicated efforts of our staff, the unfettered potential of our students, and the inclusive values of our community;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Lakewood City School District affirms a commitment to oppose and condemn Ohio House Bills 322, 327, and 616 of the 134th General Assembly and that the Lakewood City School District will continue to provide educational experiences that support the six key tenets of our Vision of a Lakewood Graduate: Creative and Critical Thinking, Empathy, Communication, Collaboration, Growth Mindset, and Global Awareness and Citizenship. We affirm that this vision provides our students with the ability to think critically and independently, solve problems, understand history, and contribute to society.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Superintendent of Lakewood City Schools is authorized to deliver or cause to be delivered a certified copy of this Resolution to community leaders, members of the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate, including Representative Michael Skindell and Senator Nickie Antonio, and the office of Governor Mike DeWine.

This Resolution shall be in full force and effect immediately upon its adoption.

Volume 18, Issue 12, Posted 12:51 PM, 06.15.2022