A Good Father

With the passing of Mother's Day I started to think about Father's Day and what makes a good or great father. I often have said at the end of my life would I want to be remembered as a great employee or great father. For me the answer was always a great father and husband.

My dad apologized to me shortly before he died for not being with me in the operating room for surgery I had when I was about 3 Years old. He said, "I am sorry for making you mad at me for not being in the operating room like I promised. The doctor would not allow me in." I replied, "I was never mad; I never knew you were not there they put me to sleep for the surgery and you were the last person I remember seeing  and the first when I woke up. I am sorry you carried that with you for twenty some years."

I thought how caring and loving that was to carry that for so many years and that may be part of what defines a good father.

What defines a good father: A good father makes you feel safe.

A PBC lists ten qualities of a good father.

1.) Dependability-Being avaliable to your kids in good times and bad.

2.) Involvement-Being engaged in your kids, lives, interests, hopes and dreams daily.

3.) Compassion-Hope and belief when your kids need it most.

4.) Validating of the mother-Show respect for your kids' mother, value and validate your partner. This shows your children how to treat each other.

5.) Empathy- Put ourselves in the shoes of others.

6.) Being verbally expressive-Uphold guidelines without being belittling or controlling.

7.) Being Human-Own mistakes:be open for feedback.

8.) Honesty-Teach and live by honesty and integrity.

9.) Playfulness-Show delight in children through fun and play. Teach kids to accept limits and boundaries.

10.) Being industrious-healthy work ethic.

Pulpit Weirton Ministerial Association-Six Attributes Of Godly Fathers:

F-Good fathers are faithful

A-Good fathers are people of action

T-Good fathers are teachers

H-Good fathers offer hope to their families

E-Good fathers are a positive example

R-Good fathers are dependable and respectful to their partners.

To all the dads doing an excellent job: keep it up, there is nothing more rewarding. If you have not been, try changing, your relationship with your kids and partner may be at risk.

Gregary Norris is a 28 Year Corporate Security Professional and 16 Year Golf and Life Skills Coach with First Tee who enjoys writing.

Gregory Norris

I am a 28 Year Corporate Security Professional and 16 Year Golf and Life Skills Coach with First Tee who enjoys writing.

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