Lakewood Adopts 100% Clean Electricity As Default Option Through NOPEC

Starting January 1 of next year, electricity from 100% renewable sources will be the default electricity purchase option for Lakewood residents. That's thanks to Lakewood City Council's recent passage of a resolution authorizing Lakewood to participate in the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council's (NOPEC) Green Community Choice Program.

NOPEC is the local nonprofit energy aggregator that uses a bulk-buying approach to purchase electricity and natural gas to help local households and small businesses save on energy costs. NOPEC recently developed its Green Community Choice Program to allow cities to choose 100% renewable electricity -- through solar and wind generation -- as the default electricity supply choice for their residents.   

The program comes with an estimated 3% cost increase over conventional electricity supply from fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. That is an amazing bargain in view of the incalculable costs that our society is incurring through increasing climate disasters linked to fossil fuel use. And the program allows any Lakewood resident or business to opt out of the 100% renewable option if they don't wish to pay this very small premium.  

What's great about Lakewood's adoption of this program is that it makes it easy and affordable for all residents to do the right thing in our electricity purchase decisions. In fact, because 100% renewable has been made the default option, residents will be automatically enrolled in it unless they actively select another supply option.   Thanks are due to those who proposed the resolution to participate in the Green Community Choice Program -- Councilmembers Tom Bullock and Tristan Rader and Mayor Meghan George -- along with all of city council.  

This is the type of policy that's needed for Lakewood to achieve its aggressive commitment to 100% renewable energy use throughout the city by 2035. To avoid the worst and costliest effects of climate chaos, we need to start restructuring choices and decisions across all aspects of society so that climate-friendly options are made easy or incentivized.

This needs to be done across all communities and nations, of course, but we should be proud that Lakewood is in the vanguard of this good work.

Glenn is a longtime Lakewood resident.

Glenn Campbell

Glenn is a longtime Lakewood resident.

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Volume 18, Issue 11, Posted 1:56 PM, 05.18.2022