Introducing H2O’s Newest Project: A COVID COLLAGE: Capturing Lakewood’s Story

2020 was quite the unique year. Using the pandemic’s communal effect and differing experiences of the community, H2O is working diligently to turn these experiences into a creative project for the Lakewood community to take part in. “A COVID COLLAGE: Capturing Lakewood’s Story” will be Lakewood’s own time capsule to be used as a record for future generations. It will illustrate not only COVID-19, but also the numerous historic events of 2020. The goal of this project is to bring people together to create a resource that not only shows how it looks to live during this time, but also how it feels.

In order to capture an accurate picture of life during a pandemic, H2O will need help from everyone. This will be done by collecting your experiences in a creative way. The first opportunity to share your story will be provided in the upcoming weeks: a photo contest with several categories. The categories will guide the direction of the photos, such as the category “Together 6’ Apart.” The winners of each category will be selected by a panel of judges and have their artwork placed into the physical time capsule, with other submissions uploaded to a virtual time capsule. Other events will include art contests, writing contests, artifact collections, and more! More details about the photo contest and other events will be released at a later time.

Even before the photo contest begins, you can start participating by reflecting on your experience thus far. Brainstorm where you are interested in showcasing your talents: Will you submit a work of writing? Will you take pictures of what lockdown looks like to you? Will you paint an art piece about how COVID felt to you? Anything you contribute will help to paint a more accurate picture of life during 2020.

H2O Assistant Coordinator Mrs. Chodzin reflects on the meaning of the project: “Bringing our stories of the past year together in this project will give us a space in which to connect and reflect on our shared experience now as we move forward and to discover the revelation of perspective in 20 years when we look back.” This strongly captures the essence of “A COVID COLLAGE: Capturing Lakewood’s Story,” as it serves as a reminder that the time capsule is a tool to work and reflect together after a year of isolation and that the most important part is that we will be working together as a community.

With your help, H2O’s “A COVID COLLAGE: Capturing Lakewood’s Story” can become the perfect opportunity to create a time capsule that reflects the community’s unique story.

Meg Winters is a sophomore at Lakewood High School and a leader on H2O's Executive Team.

Meg Winters

Meg Winters is a sophomore at Lakewood High School and a leader on H2O's Executive Team.

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Volume 17, Issue 4, Posted 4:13 PM, 02.17.2021