Granite Angel Productions: A Lakewood Resident’s Recording Studio

Cheap, but professional sound recording doesn’t seem easy to pay for during COVID. 

Bad Racket - one of the top recording studios in Cleveland -  may be a popular place to record, but it’s also an expensive place to record. What many folks don’t know is that there’s a cheap alternative run by a Lakewood resident. 

David Snider runs a studio called Granite Angel Productions just out of the Lakewood border marked by the West 117th highway exit along I-90 Westbound. 

“I went to school for recording at the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. I always had an interest in music, and I was a musician before that. After leaving the Recording Workshop, I tried to get some work in local studios. It didn’t really pan out, so I decided to start a recording studio business myself.”

David explained this decision by referring to “the flooding  of the market with plenty of qualified candidates.” David could not keep up with the countless other recording school graduates already hired by bigger studios in Cleveland. 

Further into our interview, David talked about his two other staff members, as well as Granite Angel’s most recent endeavors. Lisa Kimpel is the secondary engineer to David. Meganne Stepka switches roles between clientele manager for Granite Angel, and a tertiary engineer for the studio. David’s current band is Meg & the Magnetosphere, which is fronted by Meganne Stepka. David plays guitar, and Lisa plays  drums. 

“Meganne plays the role of booking and managing clients.” David puts “trust in Meganne as a consultant for David and engineer” for the studio. David added an example of Meganne’s roles. “ would be the new Meg & the Magnetosphere album we’re working on. We’ve got a couple of singles out from it now.

Take note, folks. David Snider runs a studio near you. If you’re in a local band, and you’re looking to record a single, an EP, or a full-length album for the first time, then David embodies a neighborhood solution for you. No need to agonize over studio rates from bigger studios in the Cleveland area, you can record right here!

Kyle Mountcastle is a recent John Carroll University Alumni where he earned his BA in Digital Media. He is a videographer and photographer.

Kyle Mountcastle

I am a recent John Carroll University Alumni who earned a BA in Digital Media from there. I am a videographer and photographer looking to get published.

My portfolio site is linked below:

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