Creative Destruction or Destructive Creation? Part 2

New inventions come up to make improvements, but some things can be called creative destruction. This means that a new invention can come up with a new production unit that can take the place of an outdated production unit. This concept was created by Joseph Schumpeter in the 1940s, when he contemplated the essential fact of capitalism. There are many creative destructions, but one of these is cell phones/ smart phones. There are as many pros as there are cons. Cell phones have replaced many things over time, such as television, telegrams, regular landline phones, and many more inventions. Even though some of these inventions are still used, a lot of people, especially younger generations, prefer cell phones. This is more of a creative destruction than a destructive creation. As time went on, cell phones took the place of outdated production units, even though some of the things that cell phones take the place of aren’t completely outdated. As cell phones have many advantages, they also have many disadvantages. I wish they never were created, but of course I have an Iphone...

Over 5 billion people own a mobile device, but more than half of this is the number of people who own a cell phones around the world. There are many pros of having a cell phone. These little devices allow people to communicate with each other in a matter of seconds, and you can be around the world, and it would still be a matter of seconds to contact that person, that can be via email, text and phone calls. One pro of having a cell phone is that it is good to have when there is an emergency. According to Pew Research Center, 40% of people who have cell phones said that when they found themselves in an emergency, having their cell phone with them helped. Although, they might be more prone to take risks in the first place...This doesn’t just mean calling 911, but teenagers can call their parents, the police, the fire department, etc. Also, with your phone, if someone is following you or stalking you, you can use your phone camera to either take a picture of them and/or you can call someone to talk with. Taking a picture and calling can help protect you, and can help the police find the person. Another pro of having a cell phone is that it can teach children and teenagers responsibility. According to Kids Health, having a cell phone teaches children and teenagers responsibility because they have to care for it, which means keeping the cell phone charged and in perfect and working condition. Another pro of having a cell phone is that it can keep you organized. You can keep your grocery lists on there along with to-do lists, important dates, and more. According to Reader’s Digest, using your phone to organize lists, dates, and other things and making it simple helps get things done, keep to a routine and that way you don’t get as forgetful. Not only can cell phones be used to go onto the internet, to play games, or to go on social media, you can use these little devices to help sort out and organize your routines and most important things. There are many more advantages of having a cell phone. But, what if the mind is not being exercised because the phone is doing so much for us?

Even though there are many pros of having a cell phone, there are also the same amount of cons. People are becoming addicted; according to nydailynews, 84% of people who own a cell phone said that they could not go without their phone in their hand for a single day. This is really sad that people are starting to become addicted and that people can’t function without their phones. According to the Los Angeles Times, a study by psychologists from San Diego State University and from the University of Georgia proved that the increase of American teenagers' screen time from their cell phones decreased their happiness from 0% to 75% over the years. It also states that teenagers experience not only a decrease in happiness, but they lose self esteem and life satisfaction. From this experiment these psychologists concluded that less screen time makes happier teens. Another con of having a cell phone is that in schools, students tend to lose focus because the cell phone is causing a distraction. 100 percent!! Also in schools, students cheat using their cell phone, they can send text messages to each other to get the answer, or they look it up by hiding their phone so the teachers wouldn’t see it. Even though a lot of students do not do this, the students that do won’t learn. Another disadvantage of cell phones is that they can ruin your eyesight. In the New York Post, according to researchers at the University of Toledo in Ohio, they found out that the blue-light that is being emitted from the screen can ruin your eyesight, they call the particles coming from the blue-light “poisonous molecules.” Wow! These blue-lights not only harm our eyesight, but it destroys the retina of the eye, this was proposed by professor at the University of Toledo and co-author Ajith Karunarathne, he and his team also state that the reason blue light is dangerous is because the cornea of the eye can’t block it or reflect it. There are more disadvantages as well, but these are some of the many disadvantages.

The reason cell phones can be a creative destruction is because they take the place of outdated production units. One of the things that cell phones can take the place of is television. With cell phones, you can use the internet, which means that you can watch anything you want anywhere and at any time. But it is nice to watch television with family or on your own on an actual television set. Television doesn’t strain your eyes as much as looking at a cell phone screen because television screens are way bigger than cell phone screens. Another thing that cell phones can take the place of is books. You can look up anything you want at any time, and the internet allows you to read books as well online. But it is still nice to pick up a book to read. Another thing that cell phones have replaced is regular landline phones. Some families still own landline phones, but cell phones are more advanced. On regular landline phones, you can only call someone and listen to the missed calls someone has sent to you, while on cell phones, you can access the internet, go on apps, make phone calls along with texting. But it is still a good idea to have a landline phone. These are some of the things cell phones have replaced and the reasons why cell phones can be a creative destruction by taking the place of outdated production units.

In conclusion, cell phones can be declared as a creative destruction because of how they can take the place of outdated production units, even though some of the things that cell phones take the place of aren’t completely outdated. Also, cell phones have their advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else does. Cell phones are good to have around when there's an emergency and it is good to keep things organized. But, cell phones can ruin your eyesight and make you unhappy along with lowering your self esteem, and can become addicting. According to Joseph Schumpeter’s definition of “creative destruction,” cell phones/ mobile phones, would be declared a creative destruction.

Ashley Stover, LHS Class of '24

Ashley Stover, LHS Class of 2024 LHS graduate, 1977. Teach History and Psychology at LHS

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Volume 17, Issue 1, Posted 4:16 PM, 02.17.2021