COVID Update 02.17.2021: COVID-19 Cases Dropping Dramatically, Do Not Stop Doing What You Are Doing

Attention Lakewoodites COVID Vaccines have been reported available at most local drug stores or their sister stores. While getting vaccinated is a real pain in the ass, most chains allow you to sign in the surf for a location. In the U.S., we are now averaging over 2,000,000 vaccines a day.

It has been reported that there are now 7 strains of COVID originating in the USA. All seem to have little difference from the original COVID-19 that arrived here through Italy and China.

There are 1,000+ cases of the UK variant in 38 states. This variation is now rated as 40% more virulent, and potentially more deadly. They are still working the numbers on this.

There are 3 rerouted cases of the Brazil strain in 2 states. Again, not much is known of this strain but it is creating havoc in Brazil. There are no real numbers on many reasons why this variations seems more intense.

The CDC has confirmed that 2 masks are better than 1. This is just common sense, as we pointed out in the early days of masking and the cloth mask debate. A chicken wire mask has more effect than no mask at all. Now it might be only 00001% better however the concept is, the finer the mask, the more and smaller the droplets you can keep out. COVID-19 is spread about 85% in the air in the form of droplets. We are seeing less and less spread through contact. Again no real numbers on why but probably a combination of masks, hygiene, stores and restaurants cleaning, and better ventilation.

So until you get the vaccine, if you can double them up, or get one with more layers, do it. Still with or without a vaccine you should be masked. It appears those vaccinated have a better tolerance to the new strains than those that had COVID-19. At the same time they have very little information on if a vaccinated person can spread COVID. Also, while the vaccine has a high effective rate, it has a 100% rate against dying or getting seriously ill from COVID and its variations.

I repeat some of this in every report as it is important to make it register. We are on the right side of the curve because of all we do. Life does not return to normal until it is gone. And it can be defeated, the human race has defeated much tougher in res without any really science.

The good news--and I am sure this is for all sides in the mask debate--you know the people that would say, “It is no worse than the flu.” Well we are having one of the lowest flu rates in a long time thanks to masks, hygiene, social distancing and caring about other people.

Thank you.

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 17, Issue 5, Posted 4:13 PM, 02.17.2021