Lakewood Dental Associates Rolls Out Same-Day Dental Crowns After CEREC Acquisition

The Lakewood Dental Associates CEREC tooth restoration sytem features a chairside 3D scanning wand and a milling unit which fabricates a beautiful replica tooth.

Lakewood Dental Associates has announced the acquisition of a high-tech CEREC 3D digital modeling system that will enable the practice to offer patients dental crowns, veneers, implants and tooth restoration in a fast and easy, single office visit.

The CEREC system utilizes a state-of-the-art scanner to create a precise digital impression of the tooth, which is converted into a 3D computer model, then sent to an in-office milling unit that can fabricate a replica tooth from durable ceramic, all in a single patient visit.

A procedure that previously took weeks to complete, dental crowns are meticulously measured and individually fit replacements for patients who have broken, cracked or chipped a tooth, or who may require tooth restoration following a root canal procedure.

Prior to technology advancements, a dental professional would have to take an impression of the patient's teeth using unpleasant soft mold material, which upon hardening would be sent to an outside lab where technicians would use the impression as a mold to recreate a porcelain replica of the affected tooth. The CEREC system has rendered that painstaking procedure virtually obsolete.

“We've taken a very intense, technical procedure that used to require temporary crowns, several office visits and lots of labor, and transformed it into a fast, simple and pleasant experience for our patients,” said Dr. Sherry Waters of Lakewood Dental Associates. “From a time, comfort, precision, quality and affordability perspective, it's an exponentially better way to produce a beautiful, perfect-fitting crown.”

Dr. Waters went on to say that Lakewood Dental Associates is one of just a few dental practices in the area that offers same-day crowns and tooth restoration. “The majority of our patients require crowns after somehow breaking a tooth.” (Interestingly, Dr. Waters says dental practitioners are seeing a rash of broken teeth as a result of patients grinding their teeth over the stress of the pandemic.) She continued, “Patients with a broken tooth may be in pain or discomfort and are looking for immediate aid and relief, which we can easily provide using this new digital technology.”

Lakewood Dental Associates provides a full spectrum of dental services, from exams, cleanings and whitening to orthodontics, state-of-the-art tooth restoration and smile makeovers, and same-day crowns using the latest in on-site dental technology. To learn more about Lakewood Dental Associates' same-day crowns, visit the practice's website at or call (216) 228-7950.


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Volume 17, Issue 3, Posted 11:15 AM, 02.03.2021