Continental Mathematics League Honors Local Young Mathematicians


top row: Ahuja Arsheya, Ted Alten, Angela D'Souza, Jacob Gao, Jordan Gordon, Joshua Gordon

middle row: Cadence Guo, Siya Lakireddy, Chloe Leng, Adharsh Narendrakumar, Areesha Nouman, Manan Raina

bottom row: Manya Raina, Jonathan Samulak, Reyna Uechi, Michael Zhu

Continental Mathematics League holds five meets per year that students can participate in from school or home. Students are given 30 minutes to answer six questions aimed at furthering students’ progress in the art of problem solving.

After the third test was completed this week, local Birchwood School students achieved the highest honors. Many maintain a perfect score through all three tests.

Gold medal winners:

Jonathan Samulak (6th grade of Cleveland)

Eric Velez (6th grade of Cleveland)

Jacob Gao (6th grade of Westlake)

Joshua Gordon (6th grade of Bay Village) Perfect score!

Ted Alten (6th grade of Avon Lake)

Manya Raina (6th grade of Brecksville) Perfect score!

Shreeyans Bhavaraju (8th grade of North Royalton)

Manan Raina (8th grade of Brecksville) Perfect score!

Chloe Leng (8th grade of Hinkley)

Reyna Uechi (8th grade of Lakewood)

Cadence Guo (8th grade of Broadview Heights)

Siya Lakireddy (7th grade of Strongsville)

Areesha Nouman (7th grade of Westlake) Perfect score!

Jordan Gordon (7th grade of Bay Village) Perfect score!

Adharsh Narendrakumar (7th grade of Westlake) Perfect score!

Michael Zhu (7th grade of Avon) Perfect score!

Arsheya Ahuja (7th grade of Broadview Heights)

Angela D’Souza (7th grade of Rocky River) Perfect score!

Their teacher and coach, Nicole Gregory, responded to these results saying, “We are so thrilled at the improvement and growth that the students have radiated so far! We have had some students score a Gold (6/6), Silver (5/6), or a Bronze (4/6) for the first time and quite a few students are on their way to earn a perfect score for the year. It is so wonderful to see the students get so excited!”

Birchwood School looks forward to applying their student’s hard work to the upcoming fourth and fifth tests.

Birchwood School of Hawken is a private, coeducational school in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1984, Birchwood serves students in kindergarten through grade 8. Birchwood's mission is to equip children to lead a life of becoming – growing, thriving and flourishing – through the development of intellect and character.

Aubrey Fox

Birchwood School alumni writing some press releases for them.

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Volume 17, Issue 3, Posted 11:15 AM, 02.03.2021