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Kenneth Knabe with Bike Lakewood putting a Bike Lakewood Bike Rack in front of the Madison Branch of Lakewood Public Library.

Cycling RIGHTS Bicycles, E-Bikes & Micro-Mobility Devices

As many of you know all of the Observers have been huge supporters of bikers, riders and cycling. At one time we started Bike Lakewood, and had a biking column that became the “Great Lakes Courier” cycling paper. So when I saw Kenneth Knabe’s new book “Cycling RIGHTS Bicycles, E-Bikes & Micro-Mobility Devices” I wanted to get a copy and find out what it was all about. All of us, riders and drivers, cannot know enough about the laws on the streets for all of us.

Lakewood resident and Lawyer Kenneth Knabe has earned the title “Greater Cleveland’s Bike Attorney” not just in the courts, but in decades of riding and service to the Greater Cleveland community. He is a Bike Cleveland Corporate Sponsor, He serves on the boards of Ohio Bicycle Federation and the Ohio to Erie Trail. He also co-chairs a sub committee of the City of Cleveland’s Vision Zero Taskforce, whose goal is to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries to all road users.

Back to the book. It contains common sense rules of the road that can benefit and educate everyone from the beginners to experienced riders, and yes even those who have never ridden a bike, will never ride a bike but drive. Simple questions answered and explained. Like the simple question that everyone on the roads ask, “Can a cyclist go through a stale red light with no cross traffic?” Well only if it is a “dead light.” Which is explained in one section with subnotes noted and put elsewhere. The book is that thorough.

It is a small paperback that could easily fit in a backpack for a long trip, allowing a rider to have a great source for questions that arise. But you do not have to carry the book with you. Each copy comes with a P.H.O.N.E. card which lists 8 points in the Cycling Law Arsenal: Ohio Revised Codes, and on the other side 5 important steps to take should you ever be in an accident.

Looking for that special present for your rider, child, husband or friend? I cannot think of a better present under $20.

At the same time you will be supporting a Lakewood business that puts its money where it heart and mouth is: on the road enjoying cycling.

Kenneth, thank you for this wonderful addition to my library.

You can purchase a copy through BikeCleveland, where all of the proceeds help Bike Cleveland in their efforts. Or at bike shops like Spin across the street from Ken’s Law Firm. Also at Amazon and on Kindle..

Cycling RIGHTS Bicycles, E-Bikes & Micro-Mobility Devices (ISBN978-1-63385-395-9
Written by Kenneth Knabe with Parker Mulholland.

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 16, Issue 22, Posted 11:35 AM, 11.18.2020