Local Races See Familiar Faces, Presidential Results Unknown

At the top of the ticket, Lakewood and Cuyahoga County were unsurprisingly looking strong for Biden, but at the time of publication, the next POTUS was still unknown and may remain that way for several days as mail-in ballots continue to be counted across the country. Locally, of Lakewood's 37,687 eligible voters, 74% cast ballots in the 2020 general election - the majority of which did so in advance of Tuesday's election. Major races on the ballot for Lakewoodites include U.S. District 9 Representative to Congress, in which Marcy Kaptur defeated her Republican opponent Rob Weber.

Other races include two familiar incumbents who both secured their seats for another term. First, District 13's State Representative Michael Skindell won about three-quarters of the vote in his bid for re-election. District 2 County Councilperson Dale Miller will also continue in his existing seat - Miller was unopposed.

At the time of publication, the two state-wide seats on the ballot for Ohio Supreme Court had Sharon Kennedy leading her opponent John O'Donnell and Jennifer Brunner leading opponent Judi French.

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Volume 16, Issue 22, Posted 8:00 PM, 11.04.2020