MTO - Madison Take Out Opens!

Bright sunny days have finally arrived in Lakewood! If you’re dividing your time between hiking, Zooming and social distancing with friends, leave it to Madison Take Out, a new healthy food cafe near Madison Park, to keep you well-fed and feeling your best when you’re on the go.  

Located in the old Thai Hut space, Madison Take Out, or MTO as it’s affectionately known, offers soul-satisfying breakfast items, bowls, sandwiches, wraps and smoothies. While you’re there, grab a Duck Rabbit coffee and peruse the constantly rotating selection of grab and go items.

The menu offers something for everyone. Locally sourced ingredients from Wiencek’s Meats, Meister Dairy, and Narrin’s spices are key to delivering the savory flavor punch in popular dishes such as the Chicken Feta Sandwich and Red Lentil Bowl. And, MTO is the ONLY place in Lakewood that you can get fresh cold-pressed juice made in house by master juice mixologist Mike (we recommend the refreshing Dawg Pound).

MTO is the brain-child of Steven Trapp, who enlisted good friends Mike, Javiera and Jeff as partners. Steven never imagined opening MTO in the throes of a pandemic but has made the most of it. “Thanks to input from my amazing team, we have evolved our menu items and go-to-market strategy. We’re looking forward to launching new products soon!” says Steven.

MTO is open Tuesday - Sunday from 7:30am-3pm. Order online for pick up: 

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 16, Issue 16, Posted 5:22 PM, 09.16.2020