Coloring During COVID-19

"Keep Calm and Carry On" seems to be the ubiquitous phrase these days. To deal with any challenge, some may resort to meditation or yoga. I have found my own path to tranquility from an unexpected coloring books!

They've been around for awhile, but I still find this to be a relaxing and satisfying way to pass time. It is also a creative outlet tailor made for those of us who can't draw to save our lives! The canvas may not be blank, but the final outcome is yours to decide. The possibilities are endless.

With days growing shorter and the restrictions of COVID-19 ongoing, adult coloring books can be a way to tune out the world and unleash unique artistic abilities. If you already have some tucked away in a drawer, give them another try. If not, you can dip your toe in the water without much of an investment. Closeout and "dollar" retailers offer coloring books at bargain prices. There you can also purchase inexpensive sets of colored pencils or markers (I found the need to also buy markers because the paper stock in one book did not work well with pencils). Books are usually themed and my collection (of 20!) includes topics such as nature/animals, fashion, and optical illusions. I've received some as gifts but otherwise could not resist those I've picked up spontaneously, often at art supply stores when searching for individual pencils in offbeat colors.

Flip through the pages of an adult coloring book and you'll discover that the designs can be very sophisticated and quite intricate. Therefore, focus and patience may be required if you take your art as seriously as I do! There are instances when it will take hours to complete one page.

So, have you already cleaned and purged? Need a break from reading and tv? If you could use another activity during COVID-19, try adult coloring books and let that kid still inside you have a ball!

Adelaide Crnko

Lakewood resident

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Volume 16, Issue 16, Posted 3:41 PM, 08.19.2020