Selfish Noisemakers

Another beautiful summer has come to add to the beauty of our city. But, with has come a return of the noise made by those who simply like noise regardless the disturbance of peace of those around them. This noise comes from people who put loud exhaust systems on their vehicles, often motorcycles, but also cars; and also from vehicles driven with windows open and stereos blasting the driver's choice of music at a deafening volume.

All of these people are selfishly Disturbing the Peace of everyone else.

If one is dining out at a sidewalk cafe on Detroit Ave, for example, often conversation has to stop at the table until the disturbers have driven by.

If one lives near the entrance to Lakewood Park, as I do, the park acts as a magnet attracting these vehicles to it and provides some of these drivers with pleasure just to drive around the area.

Isn't it about time that these selfish individuals were stopped and ticketed for disturbing the peace, and their vehicles towed to impound for repeated offenses?

I know people who won't drive into or through Lakewood if they've been partying, because of the reputation we have for cracking down on drunk driving. Let's get such a reputation for intolerance of those who disturb our peace and diminish the quality of life in Lakewood.

Joseph Crichton

A retiree and Lakewood Crossing Guard

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Volume 16, Issue 14, Posted 4:08 PM, 08.05.2020