Lakewood Public Library Needs To Open Up Its Computer Labs

Lakewood Public Library needs to provide computer service for its patrons who have no home computer. 

People need to use the computers for emails, online banking, food shopping, job searching, unemployment applications, researh, virtual appointments, and printing. Students, with no home computer, need to have access to distance learning.

I emailed James Crawford, Director of Lakewood Public Library, asking when he will open up the computer labs and he replied:

"It may be several weeks if not months before the Library offers patrons access to public computers.

I understand that the Westlake Porter Public Library is offering public computer access. I suggest calling Westlake Porter to ask what you would need to obtain a library card and computer access there.

Also, I understand that UPS stores are offering computer access for a fee. 

Finally, you may want to call the Cleveland Public Library to learn what their plans are to offer computer access to Cleveland residents..."  

I wonder why the Westlake Porter Library is opening up their computer labs to help the public, while the Lakewood Public library is not? Their library cannot serve the needs of all Ohioans with no computer. And some people have no cars and cannot get to their library.

When I called the UPS Store they told me they have one computer that costs 30 cents a minute for limit of 30 minutes. This will not accommodate all the Lakewood residents who have no home computer. And the Cleveland Public Library is only offering virtual service, which is useless for people with no computer.

If you live in Lakewood and have no computer and need computer access, contact James Crawford, Director, Lakewood Public Library, 15425 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio  44107. 

Tell him you need computer access and why.

Phone: (216) 226-8275, ext. 101.


Jeanne Coppola

Jeanne Coppola is interested in art, writing, and advocacy for animals, humans and the environment.

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Volume 16, Issue 12, Posted 5:19 PM, 07.01.2020