Roberts And Wendt Animal Clinic Loses Its "Heart And Soul"

Roberts and Wendt Animal Clinic is a small, neighborhood animal clinic established in 1930 by Dr. Roberts and Dr. Wagner in the heart of Lakewood. It is Cleveland's oldest small animal clinic in the area. Dr. Wallace Wendt joined the clinic as a partner in 1945. The clinic doctors served as the Cleveland Metropark veterinarians from the late 1930s until 1988. The animal clinic has always been known for high quality care of one's animals. Dr. Victoria Wendt followed in her father's footsteps. She graduated from The Ohio State Veterinarian School in 1987 and began to practice at Roberts and Wendt in 1988. Dr. Victoria Wendt has been part owner and Chief of Staff since taking the practice from her dad.

Roberts and Wendt Animal Clinic has been an upstanding clinic with outstanding doctors for years. We have been clients for 30 years and been fortunate and privileged to have eight dogs treated by Doctors Roberts, Lesh, Ganno, Michalowsky and Dr. Victoria Wendt over these years. We were fortunate our dogs took especially to Dr. Wendt. Dr. Wendt is a phenomenal veterinarian. She is one of the best in the field. She is genuine, kind, caring, compassionate, patient, knowledgeable and honest. She never orders unnecessary tests or procedures. Her diagnoses were spot on. Her time was your time when she was taking care of your pet. She always made herself available to work through what issues your pet was experiencing.

No pet problem was too small or too big. Many times as we sat in the waiting room with other dogs, cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, iguanas and reptiles. Each owner and pet was treated with great respect. Her compassion stood the test of time when you had to put a pet to sleep. Dr. Wendt stood with you through the whole process. Her ability to be gentle, calm and to communicate with them allowed our dogs to pass in peace. She knew what we the owners were experiencing and was just as kind to us.

A number of years ago we adopted a puppy with a broken leg. When we called Dr. Wendt she told us to bring him in with the X-rays from the APL so she could diagnose the seriousness of the break to advise us about future needs and care. She examined him, looked at all of the X-rays, and put him back on the floor where he hopped around on three legs. While she was going over things with us, he snatched the gauze and scissors from her lab coat pocket. Her response was he will be just fine but you have a devil of a puppy. Seven years later her diagnosis was spot on. He had developed a rare nasal carcinoma. She sent us to a specialist to confirm her diagnosis. She was right. Dr. Wendt saw us through the whole process. Under her care we were able to let him have a few great months. She helped us through the experience of having to let him go. We could not have asked for a more compassionate, kind, and wise veterinarian to get us through the process. She always took the time to send a handwritten note with a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem. She understood one's loss.

We consider Dr. Wendt the Dog Whisper. She knows the fear, pain and joy of the animals in her care. She has a way with animals and owners that is unmatched. She listens to the concerns of her people and pets, and no issue is too small. Dr. Wendt always called you back and took time to answer all of your questions. Her mission of caring for animals was shared by other doctors and staff at the clinic. Even though we preferred Dr. Wendt, we knew we could trust all of the veterinarians at Roberts and Wendt with our pet care.

Dr. Wendt is leaving the clinic. Roberts and Wendt Animal Clinic is losing the Heart and Soul of their clinic and mission. Roberts and Wendt, the small neighborhood clinic, was purchased in 2017 by VetCor, a national veterinarian corporation. As of now, none of the veterinarians who were there prior to this purchase are still there. It remains to be seen if VetCor can continue to live out the mission of the Roberts and Wendt as many of us have known it to be over the years.

Dr. Victoria Wendt will be missed by all of us who have known her and had the privilege to work with her. Thank You, Dr. Wendt, for 33 years of veterinarian service to Northeast Ohio. Thank You for keeping Roberts and Wendt a small animal clinic in the city of Lakewood all of these years. Your contributions and care of animals and community have been exceptional. We are grateful for the opportunity to have known you.

Gretchen Derethik is a retired educator of 38 years. She lived in Lakewood for 25 years and recently moved into her family home in Rocky River.

Gretchen Derethik

I am a retired educator of 38 years. I lived in Lakewood for 25 years. I recently moved into my family home in Rocky River.

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Volume 16, Issue 6, Posted 3:07 PM, 03.19.2020