Should I Vote For The Levy?

Unlike many of the people we see pushing the levy, I have no day-to-day connection with Lakewood Schools. I am not dependent upon them for teaching my children, or relatives' children. I am semi-retired and on a very fixed income. I do not rely on Lakewood Schools for my day-to-day living, or my day-to-day well-being. I really have ZERO dogs in this hunt. Or do I?

The real fact is, like it or not, we all do, and the connections are as varied and real as the schools' needs for this levy.

For over a decade we have discussed and proven that good schools, i.e. schools that have the support of their community, provide a financial foundation to all who own homes, businesses and property in Lakewood. Good schools and Lakewood’s dedication to both building and funding the new schools are huge reasons while people move here and stay here.

This is an operating levy brought on by many things, including the cost of living always going up and House Bill 892 which in an effort to make schools more accountable also makes them turn to their residents every 3-5 years for a new slightly larger operating levy. This will be Lakewood’s first levy in 7 years. An amazing figure underlining just how frugal they have been.

Educated children, a great byproduct: The schools and the school system continue to improve and educate our children, i.e. our neighbors. An education that opens the doors of opportunity to them, instead of them breaking in and forcibly opening your house door. Lakewood, and Lakewood Schools have great ways to keep our children learning and occupied in various ways, helping the city and becoming the adults we want as neighbors.

You can’t drive a Ferrari on low test and fumes. Together the City of Lakewood has built over $160 million dollars in monuments to our dedication to education, learning, the arts, and sports through bond issues. New schools and new libraries. Why would we build these state-of-the-art institutions, and not fuel them up with great teachers, programs, activities? All of which need to be paid for in a Levy.

At the end of the day, we all will make up our own minds about what we can afford, and what we feel the schools need. I just hope you take a long hard look at the brand Lakewoodites have built together, not one of plentiful drinking, but one of plentiful opportunities to learn and educate ourselves, our families and yes our neighbors.

Education is a good thing, and the yearly cost to our tax bill makes this a great and needed investment in all of our futures.

Including your retirement account.

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 16, Issue 6, Posted 10:32 AM, 03.04.2020