In Support Of Issue 28

Dear Editor,
I am writing to share why I am supporting Issue 28 in our upcoming March election.

As I reflect on the eleven years that I have been a Lakewood resident, I am struck by how the services, programs and amenities of this community have profoundly affected my family’s quality of life. The Lakewood Family Room provided me parenting skills and resources to better care for my young children, and we made many new friends there.

My children have now grown into the public school system, and I have been impressed with every teacher, specialist and staff member I’ve met. These individuals have been responsive to my family’s needs, and more importantly to the needs of all of the children they work to serve, educate and uplift every day. Our community is uniquely diverse, and so are our children. The Lakewood schools are committed to supporting the learning and growth of every child in our community.

Issue 28 will enable our schools to:
- Offer more counseling, mental health and health services for students;
- Recruit and retain high-quality teachers by paying them competitive salaries;
- Expand STEM classes to prepare students for their futures;
- Keep educational technology and other learning materials up-to-date; and
- Maintain our community’s investment by keeping all of our school buildings, athletic fields, vehicles, and other assets in good condition.

Our community and families stay strong when we invest in our schools. The Lakewood City School District is known for its strength in academics and fiscal responsibility. The District manages its money well, having stretched the last operating levy for six years with staffing and operational efficiencies, reductions in long-term costs, and savings in future debt service costs through responsible refinancing.

The levy will cost less than $2 per month more than taxpayers currently pay, based on a property valuation of $100,000. I feel proud to live in a community that prioritizes the needs of its children at all stages of development, and I can think of no better investment in our schools and our community than to pass Issue 28.

Kate Ingersoll

Kate Ingersoll

Kate Ingersoll is the Secretary of the Healthy Lakewood Foundation.

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Volume 16, Issue 4, Posted 4:27 PM, 02.18.2020