Keep Lakewood Beautiful Recognizes 2019 Beautiful Home Winners

2019 Beautiful Home award winners

The 2019 Beautiful Home winners were recognized by Mayor Summers and Lakewood City Council during the November 18 meeting of City Council. Keep Lakewood Beautiful (created by City Ordinance in 1982) takes nominations throughout the summer and awards one winner from each of the seven city school districts.  

This year's winners were great examples of Lakewood’s beautiful houses. While all seven offer their own unique presentation, the common theme was they all started working on their homes through a love of gardening.

Bruce Moss of Norton Avenue poignantly stated, “No matter how big or small your area, you can take the ordinary; and with a little imagination, turn it into something extraordinary.”

Each of the winners offered some sage advice and were proud to contribute to the overall beautification of their community.  

April Hoy of Grace Avenue proudly stated, “Being recognized for something I love to do, something that adds beauty to the world, is really special to me.”

As with most of the Lakewood housing stock, the ages of the homes dated as far back as 1894 all the way through to 1987.

Regardless of where you are with your gardening or home beautification skills, Jack and Maureen Schroeck of Arthur Avenue offered some really sound advice. “Be patient and prepared to make a lot of mistakes.” When you see the Schroeck home, it is hard to imagine where any of those mistakes occurred.  

In a densely populated city like Lakewood, it is easy to lose that small town feel. A lot of the winners commented about how their front porches allowed them to showcase their beautiful homes while also welcoming their neighbors.

Maryella Rohwer and Don Kingsland of Marlowe Avenue agreed with the other winners’ comments that “Lakewood is a community of great front porches, a truly beautiful city.”

Several of the homeowners gave special thanks and credit for the sound advice provided by Paul and the crew at Lakewood Garden Center.  They credit their knowledge and professionalism in helping them achieve their long-term plan and by providing locally grown trees and shrubs.

When the weather is nice, take a drive, jog, or bike past these houses to truly appreciate their beauty. Congratulations to the winners.

2019 Beautiful Homes winners

Bruce Moss & Michael Schaefer - 17449 Norton Avenue

Amy & Dan Munday - 15710 Clifton Avenue

Cheryl & David Jerome - 1032 Edgewater Drive

Maryella Rohwer & Don Kingsland - 1584 Marlowe Avenue

Jack & Maureen Schroeck - 2093 Arthur Avenue

Ray & Lynee Orsine - 1451 Clarence Avenue

April Hoy - 1520 Grace Avenue

Keep Lakewood Beautiful is a volunteer, non-profit organizations that operates under the umbrella of the City of Lakewood. Their purpose according to the City Ordinance in 1982, “Promote civic involvement through public interest in general improvement of the environment of Lakewood..The volunteer Board initiates, plans and coordinates programs for litter prevention, solid waste reduction, recycling and green space beautification.”

Bradley Presutto

Brad Presutto - Lakewood resident since 2005

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