Book Brothers Bookshop – A New Local Bookstore Now Open In Lakewood!

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That is correct -- Lakewood has a new independent bookstore that is now open for business! “Book Brothers Bookshop” is nestled neatly among other favorite local destination right on Madison Ave., just west of Warren road. This unique little shop aims to be counted amid Lakewood’s growing scene of successful, independently owned businesses.

As visitors walk through the doors, they will quickly realize that the “Brook Brothers Bookshop” is clearly much more than just a used books store. Comics, DVD and Blue Ray movies, retro and modern video games, pop-culture media items, and a variety of vintage collectables are also available for purchase. Renovations to the current operating space have given the shop a clean and trendy vibe. The look is elevated by custom-made wooden bookshelves that completely cover the walls. These beautiful bookshelves were created and installed with the loving help of Mr. Elfers’ own father, which truly makes this endeavor a family affair. 

Chris Elfers, the owner and operator of the shop here in Lakewood, is excited to build on the success that the family has experienced with retail in Provence Town (aka "P. Town"), Massachusetts. Applying the successful formula of catering to the needs of the local people, Mr. Elfers decided to venture on his own and open up this storefront, right here in Lakewood, Ohio. Why Lakewood? Mr. Elfers is originally from Ohio and eventually found the rich diversity of the people who exemplify the Lakewood community to be similar to the neighborhood in P. Town, thus making Lakewood the ideal spot for this next chapter in the story. Mr. Elfers is all about being included in the local scene and loves supporting the community -- even the logo for the store was done by home town artist, Logan Szymanowski! Early interest and support from the community has already allowed for preliminary plans of expansion to be entertained! The additional space would allow for an even greater assortment of inventory to be made available for patrons.

“All killer no filler,” the owner says, is their motto. Mr. Elfers continues, “Yes, everything in the store is used, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. We do our best to ensure that the items made available are exceptional in terms of quality and condition. Everything for sale is in excellent or like-new condition.” Mr. Elfers said that he would love to look at items that people may seek to sell or trade for store credit, but items are scrutinized to ensure what is on the selves is what people will want to take home. Indeed the quality selection process ensures that what is available at the store lends itself to a premium browsing experience that covers both new releases and classic vintage treasures. Mr. Elfers is confident, “You may not find exactly what you came in looking for, but we hope that you still end up leaving with something you found that caught your eye or interest.”

“Book Brothers Bookshop” is located at 15408 Madison Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. The store is open 7 days a week: Mon-Sat, Noon-9pm; Sun, Noon-8pm. The best way to contact the owner and keep up with recent happenings at the bookstore is to "Follow" the related Instagram page or to “Like” them on Facebook @bookbrothersohio. For more information or questions, please inquire via these social media platforms.

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Michael Samulak

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