If You Like The Truth Don't Bother Reading Sam O'Leary's Propaganda

Of late I have been hearing mayoral candidate Sam O’Leary referred to as Sneaky Sam. After reading the false propaganda he has been mailing to voters I can see why.  Sneaky Sam’s latest flyer quotes a Lakewood resident as saying, “Sam will do what’s best for the future of Lakewood.”  NOT SO!

Sneaky Sam’s hidden executive meetings were held for the purpose of letting our hospital be stolen. That is NOT what's best for the future of Lakewood. The loss of 1,100 good paying lost jobs at the hospital, the City’s major employer, is NOT what's best for the future of Lakewood. The City’s loss of $900,000 income tax revenue from those 1,100 good paying jobs is NOT what’s best for the future of Lakewood.

Sneaky Sam claims to be “the candidate for mayor that fights for working class families and seniors.” NO WAY! As Al Smith is often quoted as saying, “Let’s take a look at the record.” Many of our working class families and seniors relied on the hospital care paid for by the SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS that Lakewood Hospital set aside dedicated to assist our residents with their need for hospital care. Then along came Sneaky Sam and his many secret executive meetings designed to keep us from learning the details of the plot to help the Clinic destroy our hospital. He preferred fighting FOR THE CLINIC and NOT FOR WORKING FAMILIES AND SENIORS! He could have stopped the rigged deal that stole our hospital, but he preferred fighting for the Clinic.  

You might notice that he is not bragging about how losing the hospital has benefitted the City. Why not? IT HAS HURT THE CITY! But for his sneaky underhanded closed executive meetings the hospital could still be in full operation. Neither is he bragging about how the rigged deal giving away the Millions of Dollars of valuable hospital land to an insider for ONE DOLLAR is best for the future of the City! IT ISN’T! That’s Sneaky Sam’s record. Looking at what he has done to the City, would anyone believe that he is the best candidate for the office of mayor? NO! He has already done too much irreparable damage to Lakewood. If he became mayor you would get more of the same!

Mauricia VandeKerkhoff is a concerned resident of Lakewood.

Mauricia VandeKerkhoff

Concerned resident of lakewood

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Volume 15, Issue 19, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019