Ward 2 Will Get Responsive Representation With Presutto

Over my 24 years as a Lakewood resident, I've come to recognize that responsiveness is one of the most important things to look for from our city council members. I want my council members to be quickly responsive to an email about a malfunctioning crosswalk light near one of our city schools. I want them to show that they can recognize and respect sincere public angst around a rushed, ill-explained deal to close a century-old community hospital. I want them to demonstrate that they're really hearing us, their constituents.
I'm supporting Brad Presutto for Ward 2 City Council because he is one of the most responsive people I've ever met. I've worked with Brad on campaigns and community projects, and rarely does an email or text or post go out that Brad doesn't respond to within minutes, usually with a spot-on answer to a question or an offer to help in a specific way. I have no doubt that Brad will be exemplary at constituent services for the residents of Ward 2. 
I have watched Brad meet with many residents of Ward 2 throughout this campaign to hear what they like and don't like about Lakewood, what that they hope for and fear. Brad has been really listening, and I am confident he will bring this listening to bear if and when he sits on council to address problems like the relentless rise in Lakewood's water and sewer rates. 
This commitment to listen and respond to constituents has led Brad to already act on some specific neighborhood challenges he's heard about on the campaign trail. Commitment to listening and responsiveness is the cornerstone of trust, and Brad is demonstrating that he's worthy of our entrusting him to help shape the budget and policies to ensure Lakewood remains a great place to live and work. 

Glenn Campbell is a resident of Ward 2.

Glenn Campbell

Campbell is a resident of Lakewood's Ward 2.

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Volume 15, Issue 18, Posted 3:47 PM, 09.18.2019