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Aries: Fire your inner critic, whew, that’s scratched off your “to do” list, now start enjoying life, & living up to the Ram’s full potential, start hanging with people at the top of that mountain…

Taurus: The Bull can be lured out of his/her pen this month, you are a rare find, your potential partner is around the corner, it’s time to pair up, like a fine wine & cheese, hit some wine tastings

Gemini: The Twins ruling planet, Mercury, is finished with it’s Retrograde, thank the Heavens; hop on the Manifestation Mobile, you’ve got the green light, all systems go, Vacation? Hmm…

Cancer: The crab just inherited front row tickets to “this is your life” & it’s a thriller, laugh off the events that are maddening, & shout “encore, encore” for the Oscar winning performances

Leo: The Lion/Lioness is known for its generous nature, early-on this month you’ve got a star-studded lineup at your door, the Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars, share some of the Good Juju

Virgo: Everyone’s a teacher in your story, even the ones you call less than desirable names, look for the lesson, after mid-month, the Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars, join the classroom of life

Libra: It’s time to connect, & let go of those grudges, they’re not the trendiest look these days, besides they’re mighty heavy to carry around, lighten your load, make Peace your best friend

Scorpio: The Scorpion needs to put that stinger away, weed that garden of your mind, its overgrown, start planting seeds of Empathy & Forgiveness, & take a lawnmower to jealousy

Sagittarius: Jupiter the Centaur’s ruling planet is going direct mid-month, take a lesson from the deer, be gentle on yourself & others, aim that bow & arrow at the stars, shoot arrows of love

Capricorn: It’s time for the Goat to make friends with the baby elephant, wrap your arms around those in need this month, soften your hard exterior just a tad, listen to melt the icebergs

Aquarian: Divine timing is your friend this month, relax & enjoy life, knowing that whatever you need to know is revealed to you at the divine right time, the right place, & in the right way

Pisces: Cha-Ching, there’s a sunken treasure in the bottom of Lake Erie, & guess who’s getting a pie of abundance pie? Think you’re not worthy? Shh that mouth & open up that treasure chest

Eva Starr, local astrologer, has been studying the moon & stars since she could read. Starr can be reached at

Eva Starr

     Eva Starr recently moved back to her heartland state of Ohio, after the transition of her mother. Starr spent the last ten years in San Diego digesting the alluring buffet of wisdom the West Coast had to offer. While there she attended the San Diego Culinary Institute, and worked as a chef in San Diego.
     Starr also published her book Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself, while in San Diego featured at the 2016 LA Times Book Festival, and Oprah Winfrey’s Reading Room.
     She continues to follow her metaphysical path, teaching Astrology, hosting her television show Reach for the Moon, and exploring the diversified culinary delights Lakewood has to offer.

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Volume 15, Issue 14, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019