What's The Buzz At AXA?

The day the bees arrived at AXA Advisors was a spring day like any other. As if out of nowhere, thousands upon thousands of buzzing bees roared their arrival as they swarmed around the twin oak trees in the large corner lot at Delaware and Woodward. The move-in took little more than an hour. After that, it was relatively quiet as approximately thirty worker bees busily flew in and around the trees.

But why had they come? A local beekeeper explained that queen bees will send bees to scout out a location for a new colony. Once the queen selects the new location, the queen and her drone will split from the existing colony and set out on their own. Like thousands of tiny bodyguards, the bees form a cocoon around the queen as they fly to insure her safe transport.

Why had they come to this busy intersection so close to I-90? What could possibly have drawn the new colony to this location? Had the queen bee made a mistake? In fact, what the queen bee knew that even many neighborhood residents did not was that the Hayes Elementary School Adopt-A-Spot was in full bloom just across the street. On the south side of Hayes School is a large flowering garden, planted and tended by Hayes families and classes. The program to fill the parking lot islands with flowers began in 2014 with 20 families adopting spots. This year the program has grown to 83 adopted spots and 10 lilac trees. Planting takes place every year in May. Each spot is marked by a hand painted plaque. Spots are maintained by the adopters, and a large group of volunteers keeps the flowers watered.

Many thanks to the Hayes community for beautifying a small corner of Lakewood with beautiful blooms from May to October. The bees thank you, too.

Michael Daso

Katie Murray/AXA Advisors Lakewood

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Volume 15, Issue 12, Posted 2:55 PM, 06.19.2019