Does Lakewood Really Need More Apartments?

This letter is about the proposed development at the former Barry Buick car lots and former Spitzer car lots. Solove Developers are proposing plans for both locations.

Both of these plans are of no benefit to the citizens of Lakewood. The only beneficiary of this proposed development is the developer and city council, both of whom see big dollar signs.

Most of the neighbors on the streets adjacent to these proposed developments are opposed to these proposals on many fronts. The last thing Lakewood needs are apartments. According to the census bureau, Lakewood's population has been declining since the 1940s with the exception of the 1970s. The single family homes are not decreasing nor are the doubles. That leaves the apartments, which makes sense, the apartment dwellers are transient by nature. They have no vested interest in the neighborhood or in Lakewood for that matter.

The parking is nowhere near sufficient for the amount of vehicles these properties will generate. Parking should be kept within the footprint of the building, not spread out to different lots.

If council is so worried about losing federal funding because of population decline, maybe we should lose a few of them to offset the difference.


Jim O'Barsky

Jim O'Barsky is 69 years old, retired, and starting to really enjoy his neighborhood.

James O'Barsky

My name is Jim O'Barsky I am 69 years old retired and starting to really enjoy my neighborhood

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Volume 15, Issue 8, Posted 6:03 PM, 06.05.2019