Letter To Observer

Hello. I did not see a comments section, so I ended up here. While waiting for my daughter at the Beck center, I picked up a March 6th issue from the stack on the table. Now, I have never read this publication before, or knew about it, until that day.  

But, the paper is simply tremendous, it really is. One article in particular blew me away. Penned by Haley Schultz, "153 People." It was such a well written, emotionally powerful, and personal article. I was pleasantly surprised to see a teenager with that much self-awareness and depth.

I have shared it with three other people and they were equally impressed. Thank you for publishing real articles like this and allowing outstanding writing talent to share their stories.

I learned something new that day and an important lesson from someone half my age. That's awesome.

Michael Loucka

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 15, Issue 7, Posted 7:53 AM, 04.03.2019