Rush Inn: Food Gem In Lakewood

I'm almost not sure I want to share this story for fear of too many people finding out about what I consider the best place to eat, drink, hang out, take your date, in all of Lakewood.

The Rush Inn has it all. Located on Detroit Ave. across from The Beck Center, it is easy to miss if you're not looking, as the burgundy awning with its name embossed is the only signage. Once inside, you'll see a long, inviting bar with enough tv's for the days sports, enough taps for the current draft beer of the week, plus your usual wines and spirits. Next to the bar is a row of booths for groups and/or diners.

Now, The Food! If you turn left you'll see a specials board next to a doorway that leads to a dining area with large wooden booths and tables. The specials board is always interesting and changing, it also lists their soup, or soups, of the day. The menu offers the typical fare of wings and burgers, except they are the most delicious wings and burgers you've ever tasted. The wings are especially great, I can't find any better. The rest of the menu is where things get amazing. I can't list everything, but believe it when I say you'll see offerings you would not expect to see. You can google the menu or look it up, I only say this because I can not do it justice and would not want to do the establishment a disservice by trying to do so. There is also a seasonal menu that is ever changing and worth a look.

Next, the quality of the offerings is second to none in my opinion. I honestly have never had a bad meal at The Rush Inn, its almost as if Grandma is back in the kitchen. The care and pride they put into the food shows.

Lastly, the staff and servers could not be more friendly or cheerful. They always are welcoming and seem happy to be there. Believe me, I do visit many of the other fine places in and around Lakewood, all are pretty good, but this place always comes into the rotation frequently.

Ted Powers

52 year young working man with a wonderful wife and 2 beautiful step daughters all living in Lakewood. I have 2 sons and another daughter living in the area.

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Volume 14, Issue 23, Posted 2:28 PM, 12.04.2018