Four Reasons To Vote This Year

1. You can choose Ohio’s drug treatment and sentencing policy. Voting yes on Issue 1 will bring immediate, real change to how Ohio deals with drug addiction. If this amendment passes, we will spend less on housing low-level nonviolent offenders in overcrowded prisons—then fund treatment and recovery services with the savings.

2. Close races and very different options. Suspense? Check. The vote margin between two futures is likely to be very narrow. Richard Cordray has committed to defending hard-won rights if elected governor: healthcare fairness for pre-existing conditions, union workers’ rights, access to abortion, equal protection for LGBTQ communities. Mike DeWine would abandon all of these to corporate lobbyists and religious extremists.

3. What’s at stake for Lakewood. Will cities be a partner for Ohio government, or just a piggy bank? Streets, senior services, transit, schools, etc., have all been shortchanged as recent state budgets withheld local government funding, and kept it in Columbus. Local elected officials from both parties have said it’s unfair. Cordray is committed to fixing this, but DeWine won’t.

4. Voting takes about 14-minutes, and affects four years or more. The 2012 nationwide average for voting was barely 14 minutes. In Ohio there’s early voting every day through Election Day, either by mail or at the County Board of Elections. Most of Lakewood lives a short walk from their local polling place. In about 14 minutes you can have a real say on national government, state government, courts, and the direct initiative of Issue 1.

Not everyone gets to have this kind of say. Please use it, vote your values, and do one thing that really matters for you and those around you.

Matt Kuhns

Matt Kuhns is a freelance graphic designer, and occasional author.

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Volume 14, Issue 20, Posted 2:25 PM, 10.16.2018