Nominate A Beautiful Lakewood Home Today!

(To the tune of "Summertime and the Liv’in is Easy"…)

"It's summertime, Lakewood liv'in is easy,

Pools are open,

Meltdown Fever is high ....

Adopt-a-Spots are bloom'in,  and Lakewood homes are good look'in

Beautiful home nomination time now… is nigh!"

 With deep apologies to George Gershwin, I have borrowed the tune from  “Porgy and Bess” to grab your attention to announce the opening of the Keep Lakewood Beautiful, (KLB) BEAUTIFUL HOME AWARD NOMINATION opportunity!

 Yes, between this very moment when you are reading this article and Friday, August 17th, you  can nominate one or more  residential properties in Lakewood that make you turn your head in awe and admiration as you walk, bicycle, run, or drive by!

What qualifies a home for nomination? … The residence should be well-maintained with eye-popping landscaping, good use of color, a variety of plants...and that extra something that is indefinable but you know it when you see it!

How do I submit a nomination ?! It’s easy! There are 2 ways to nominate: a) email the address of the property to Luann Baker at  or b) leave a message on Luann's voicemail with the address of the property. That number is (216) 529-6601. KLB will do the rest of the work which includes taking a picture, judging the entries, and honoring the winners at a City Council meeting in the Winter of 2019.

For inspiration of Beautiful Homes, check out the seven winning properties from 2017 located throughout the City: 1336 Edanola, 1263 Bonnieview, 1557 Belle, 1537 Lakeland, 2162 Wyandotte, 1542 Olivewood, and 1438 Grace Avenue. …and keep humming...."Summertime, Lakewood liv'in is easy....".

For more information on KLB please see:      

Ruth Gilett is a Lakewood resident and a KLB volunteer board member. 

Ruth Gilett

Lakewood Citizen and Volunteer Board member of Keep Lakewood Beautiful

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Volume 14, Issue 14, Posted 5:57 PM, 07.17.2018