Changing Political Parties: Easy-Peasy Or Complicated?!

This past election cycle, many voters felt the only choices were for the "lesser of two evils", IF they'd voted at all. Now, many wish to switch Political Party affiliation [Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Independent, etc]. In discussions, it seems some think choosing "Independent" equates to being able to choose without political party affiliation. Now, correct me if I am wrong [it wouldn't be the first time] BUT when someone chooses "Independent", then they're bound to that Party and its candidate.

There still seems to be much confusion.

WHEN can one change Political Party affiliation?

WHERE does one make that change - County Board of Elections, the polling station?

WHAT if one choose to be "unaffiliated"? IS that possible? WILL there be a ballot available?

Educating the voting public PRIOR to any election or window of opportunity to make a change if desired, would be of great benefit now, before we all go Singing a Sweet Summer Song.

Could someone please post an article of the whens/hows and wheres to cut-out and save?!

Rob Toth


Rob Toth is a 59-year-old opinionated guy just wanting to assist any way he can, in keeping Lakewood a great community.

Rob Toth

59 year old opinionated guy just wanting to assist anyway I can, in keeping Lakewood a great community.

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Volume 14, Issue 13, Posted 6:08 PM, 07.03.2018