Skindell Tried To Save Hospital, Bullock Closed It

Lakewood's Ohio State Senator Mike Skindell tried to save Lakewood hospital and keep it open. Lakewood city councilman Tom Bullock voted twice, as a Lakewood Hospital Trustee, then as a Lakewood councilman, to close it - destroying your hospital which many thousands of people in Lakewood and surrounding areas need.

Cleveland Clinic still had at least 12 more years on its lease, renting the hospital from Lakewood, which owned it. Why was Bullock in such a hurry to close it, going along with Cleveland Clinic's plan to close it when it opened its new Avon hospital? Cleveland Clinic owns Lutheran Hospital at West 25th and Franklin Avenue, a poorer neighborhood than Lakewood. It is not closing. So what is the real reason Bullock closed Lakewood Hospital?

Some Lakewood politicians like Bullock, claimed Lakewood Hospital was losing money as an excuse to close it, either lied, or if true, were responsible for creating financial problems for Lakewood Hospital, either intentionally as a sneaky, dishonest plot to close it for Cleveland Clinic, or due to their incompetence.

May 8 is the primary election for Ohio State Representative district 13, which includes Lakewood. Skindell and Bullock are running against each other in that election. Why elect a politician who closed your hospital, especially under such suspicious circumstances, when you can elect one who tried to save it? 

Steve Gannis

Lakewood resident

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Volume 14, Issue 8, Posted 12:39 PM, 05.01.2018