Who Stood Up For Lakewood?

Remember the kefuffle a couple of years ago about saving our hospital? While you almost certainly do, you might not remember who stood with Lakewood and who stood with Cleveland Clinic. Their candidacy for state representative may refresh your recollection.

State Senator Mike Skindell devoted hundreds of hours to Save Lakewood Hospital, diligently performing legal and factual research on many a Saturday morning, and eventually sued the city under the Open Meetings Act. When Dennis Kucinich held a press conference in September 2015, Mike Skindell stood with him at the lectern. 

Messrs. Skindell and Kucinich conducted themselves like gentlemen. Although Cleveland.com described the press conference as unruly at times, it soft-pedaled the behavior of Tom Bullock, whose shouted comments during the press conference included "Aren't you ashamed ..." etc. The rude behavior finally prompted Mr. Kucinich to ask the crowd to not interrupt the press conference.

Unfortunately for some of those who stood up for Lakewood Hospital, Bullock's obnoxious deportment didn't end when the questions were answered and everyone left. Bullock accosted the head of the group and two other people, invading their personal space and shouting at them even after Tom Monagan and I told him to stop. 

While Mike Skindell stood up for Lakewood, Tom Bullock not only didn't stand up for Lakewood but tried to prevent those whose views he disagreed with from expressing their opinion. Do we want someone who cannot or will not tolerate others' views to represent us in Columbus? 

Bullock claims he has done much for Lakewood as a City Councilman. He should remain there.

Please support Mike Skindell for state representive. A vote for Bullock is a vote against common courtesy and against the right of free speech. 

Bob Soltys

A photojournalist since 1971, Bob Soltys is a former Navy officer.

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Volume 14, Issue 8, Posted 3:27 PM, 04.17.2018