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Jim Keryacos

It was your average work day like any other when I made a last minute stop after work for some quick dinner.  I remember a week earlier my husband telling me the Mr. Hero owner was so nice and the place was so clean so I figured I'd stop there. 

There were a few people ahead of me in line and so I sat down. As a previous storefront owner I pay attention to the small details just out of habit sometimes. I looked up from scrolling my phone to notice that the owner was waiting on the customers. 

How did I know he was the owner? I just had a feeling by the way he was thanking everyone when he handed them their meal "Thank you very much, you have a wonderful evening and I hope to see you again very soon." Aw, how nice, I thought. I looked around and also noticed how spotless everthing was, impressive, then we begain to chat. This man was so friendly, we talked about small business, and he spoke very highly of "his customers."  It was refreshing and, of course when he handed me my meal, he also thanked me and invited me back real soon.

After dinner, very yummy by the way, commence to the mindless facebook scrolling on my phone. I decided to just give a shout out to the Mr. Hero guy on Facebook:  "The owner at the Mr. Hero on Detroit is so pleasant and polite to his customers," I posted. Many times people give a shout out on these pages, it's nice and usually garners a few responses some kind, some not so kind. Continue to scroll a bit and set phone down and relax for the evening and bam the phone lights up with notifications over and over in reply to my little post. Within a 24 hour period there were 160 plus "reactions" and at least 50 POSITIVE comments about the wonderful customer service this Mr. Hero owner gives. Here are just a few below.

Lola Dobbelaer "They're always super friendly and the food is delicious."

Carmen Becker "He’s great, I live on that side street so I see him often and he’s always so pleasant and nice"

John Stois III When I delivered their mail, he always offered me a free meal...had to leave that route while I could still walk and see my feet.

 Tamra Faulhammer That’s the only Mr Hero I will go to, such a nice man.

Anthony Artuso I agree. I live alot closer to the one on 117th but i drive to the one on Detroit for the service.

Christa Lumby Jumping in here too! He's the best. Wish I could go there more often just to support him. I hope he knows that we all notice...

 Annette Manco Brady I adore the Mr. Hero owner! He's SUPER KIND, always smiles and treats me with such patience and we have such nice conversations.

Ulrike Haviland He told my husband to get back into the car and he'll bring his order to him when it's ready and to just call next time and they'll bring it out. They saw he has difficulty walking and made take out easy! Super nice!

Then there were the people really hoping he would see this post so he knows how appreciated he is. One reader went to see him as did I to show him and he was so appreciative- The reader took and shared this photo of him.

Photo credit?- Craig Lovejoy

The owner insisted I take a free pop to go and I explained I was not here to get anything free, just to let him know people appreciate kindness. I could tell he was truly overjoyed and grateful. We have many restaurants and small businesses here in Lakewood, whether they are casual or high end, mom and pop or chain. In the end the one thing that always wins is kindness and great customer service.

Renee Lavelle

Local! Previous Business Shop owner in Lakewood

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Volume 14, Issue 4, Posted 12:12 PM, 02.20.2018