Burger At Coffee Pot, GREAT!

I have had many a great breakfast at the Coffee Pot up in Birdtown, but it had been a while since I had lunch there. I remember they had a good burger so a chance to get one for free from Foodwood, and the Lakewood Observer was all I needed to take a break from work in Rocky River and head over to the Coffee Pot.

WOW!!!! Was that a good burger!!! A Cajun Blue Burger from the menu, done medium rare. It was a big burger done perfectly, the waitress was young, and very pleasant, offering all sorts of nice additions. Onions? Red? White? Grilled? Raw? Mayonnaise? Lettuce? Tomato? One Slice? Two? Any other cheeses? Grilled Bun? Really it was almost overwhelming. When it came, it looked perfect and tasted better. The fries were done a little on the crispy side which I like, some may not, but it was a great meal worth the drive over, and kept me filled all afternoon. I am definitely heading back. Great breakfasts, with the best home fries, and now great burgers. Check it out. Total cost with a can of Coke, under $10 but I left a big tip!

David Kaull

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 14, Issue 2, Posted 9:51 PM, 01.23.2018