Holistic Wellness: Your Balanced Life

If anyone reading this has never felt anxious or tired or sore or tense or overwhelmed, or out of whack in any way, PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRET! And for the rest of you, know that you are not alone! And know that you do not have to settle for living with these imbalances day in and day out. I practice Holistic Wellness because I have seen, felt and known dramatic & very real positive changes in my life and the lives of others through the implementation of various healing practices & techniques.

What does Holistic mean & how can it improve my life?

Holistic Wellness sees a person as a whole being, made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components which all contribute to one’s health. When all of these facets are functioning properly, we are living in our inherent state of balanced wellbeing. And when any of these parts are out of balance, the whole system is thrown off track, resulting in any number of dysfunctions and illnesses.

Holistic Wellness sees innate healing powers within all people, and applies various methods to assist us in bringing imbalances back into harmony. Rather than merely identifying symptoms & labeling us as our dysfunctions, holism offers us a comprehensive view of ourselves as whole beings with many factors that can be adjusted to empower us to feel our best. Usually, holistic practitioners offer clients a variety of tools that can be used to achieve one’s optimal state of health. These can include exercises, dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes, all of which help us to take our wellness into our own hands.

There are countless holistic therapies as well, which help guide our beings back into our natural balanced state of vibrant, peaceful, whole wellbeing. Following are some of the practices that have had a profound impact in my life.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a system of holistic healing based on the ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda. It combines bodywork, exercises and dietary/lifestyle suggestions to offer clients a way of reconnecting with their own inherent state of wellness. The bodywork uses various techniques such as palpating, rocking, and applying pressure to specific points (polarities) to signal one’s energy to release blockages and reset back into its natural patterns of balance. The exercise & dietary recommendations are intended to encourage the continued flow of energy along a path of wellbeing. Clients often experience relaxation and rejuvenation during and following Polarity sessions, and many undergo lasting positive shifts in many facets of their lives.


Reiki is another healing modality that works with the client’s energy systems to find the natural state of calm and wellness. It can be performed as a gentle hands-on modality, or working with the ‘energetic body’ surrounding the physical body.

Elemental Reflexology

Elemental Reflexology looks at the ways in which our overall health is reflected in our feet, and vice versa. Oftentimes, our physical & emotional patterns of energetic balance or imbalance make their way to our feet via gravity, and can be detected and redirected applying Reflexology techniques. Conversely, the ways we stand and walk often manifest in blockages or imbalances in the rest of the body. Clients are often amazed by the profound beneficial effects on the body, mind & spirit that can be achieved through working with the feet! Most Polarity sessions include at least some Reflexology, and the feet can also be the focus of an entire hour-long session (if requested by client and/or in cases of acute pain or injury in other areas of the body).

What does Elemental mean?

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year old system of health that looks at the ways in which the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are represented in both our external and internal environments. In an ideal state, these energies are all in perfect harmony within us and we are functioning at our optimal potential. However, due to a number of factors, one or more of them are often out of balance, and Polarity & Reflexology Therapies work to bring them back into their fullest expressions of wellbeing.

Sound Healing

Music and sound have been proven to reduce anxiety, increase motivation, facilitate healing from injury & trauma, combat insomnia & depression, and the list goes on. Sound healing utilizes the powerful vibrations of various instruments to help guide the processes of opening and letting go necessary for uncovering one’s natural state of wellbeing. Singing bowls, in particular, have been used for centuries in healing ceremonies and rituals, and are often an integral part in the wellness sessions I offer.

Most sessions with me will combine some or all of these modalities, generally take place with a client lying on a massage table fully clothed, and last between one to one and a half hours.

I feel that we are far more powerful and whole than we have often been led to believe. I see the work I do offering individuals, groups, and communities the opportunity to access the brilliant, balanced wellbeing that is our natural state. I believe we can connect more positively with the world when we begin with ourselves. I invite you to experience these offerings that can improve the quality of your life!

OFFERING $10 OFF YOUR FIRST 75-MINUTE SESSION (INCLUDING CONSULTATION). Contact me with questions or to set up an appointment at wellnesswithstaceyp@gmail.com or 216.312.0656.


Stacey Pickering

Stacey Pickering is a Certified Practitioner of Elemental Reflexology, Polarity Therapy & Detox/Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching by Great Lakes School of Integrative Medicine, and is a member of the American Polarity Therapy Association. She offers individual consultations & sessions at Norris Family Chiropractic in Lakewood. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Sound Healing Practitioner & Meditation Guide, and offers individual & group trainings, workshops and Sound Healing meditation sessions throughout the Greater Cleveland area.

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