13 Reasons Why...

I love Lakewood.

  1. The people. During my last visit in the United Staes I experienced that people here are in general friendlier than those in my home country. However, the welcoming mindset in Lakewood is just incredible. No matter what you're doing (walking the dog, going to the store) everyone says at least 'Hi' or asks how you are. And sometimes it's just a smile between a stranger and I that makes me feel like I am home.

  1. Lake Erie. I've been here for three months now, and it's still hard to believe that I am living next to this giant lake. Every day I wake up to the sound of waves splashing gently against the cliffs in front of my house--one of the sweetest songs Mother Nature ever composed. And many times I forget that this is not the ocean, even though it looks like the Atlantic Ocean, which I often saw on my vacations on the French coast.

  1. Lakewood Park with its Solstice Steps and an amazing view of Cleveland. This is a place I'm desperately going to miss. I mean, seriously, isn't it amazing just to walk there? Or sitting in one of the swings, watching the sun go down, painting the sky in a magical mix of pink and orange.

  1. Downtown is perfect to go for a small shopping tour or just get something to eat. It is an area where friends meet, couples go out and parents take their kids. Everyone will find his or her own tiny favorite store here.

  1. Theweather. It may be unusual and related to climate change, but I really enjoyed the late warm days of September. Summer decided to come back one last time and put all the trees with yellow and red leaves to shame.

  1. The houses, since they are all so unique and special. Like each of us, all those houses have a personality and within that a story to tell. I love how they are all so different and still have a few things in common (like a front porch or a green backyard). American architecture is something which had never caught my interest. After living here for a few months, it finally has.

  1. Community is another important aspect. Being strong together and achieving goals with the help of others. Acting kind and standing up for the own opinion. Lakewood's citizens do all of that, which is not only impressive but an inspiration at the same time.

  1. Being close toCleveland without living in Cleveland definitely is one of plenty advantages Lakewood has. Not only is it a beautiful place to raise a family, it is perfect for spending an exchange year – or a few months – to get the full American experience in an open-minded and tolerant neighborhood.

  1. The library is on my list, because I'm a passionate book lover. Just walking into the deep silence and smelling the scent of countless books satisfies me. The library is a place for words, for focusing. It's a home to everyone who still prefers paper instead of digital screens to read something. Maybe I'm being melancholic and old-fashioned, however a book without 'real' pages to turn is not a real book to me.

  1. The positiveatmosphere. In this city, flowers smell like happy childhood memories. The breeze erases broken promises and creates new beginnings every day. Colorful beach glass reflects hope in the bright sunlight while squirrels are climbing on trees made of laughter. And over everything lays a peaceful silence.

  1. Thebeach became something like my second home during the summer. Since I've been a swimmer my whole life, I love being in the water for hours. There's nothing more comforting than the refreshing cold, covering me like a second skin. It is comparable to the emotional embrace of old friends who haven't seen each other in a while.

  1. It has never crossed my mind before I came here last year, but it seems like every city here has very organized streets. When I first looked at Lakewood through Google Maps I was surprised how orderly everything is. All the streets are parallell, they're emerging into each other in perfect 90 degree angles. Something you maybe never thought about, for it is part of your daily life.

  1. My host family. This is the first thing that came to my mind and the last thing I'm mentioning here, since it is the most important one. In the past three months I've used the words 'thank you' endless times. And I'm hoping they're not losing their meaning because of that. This family is the reason why I came back in June. Since then we did so much together and I'm so grateful for all the memories we share. So one more time: thank you for having me and treating me like a daughter, sister and niece. It means the world to me.

Lina Probst


I am Lina, a 17-year-old girl from Germany and since I graduated this summer from highschool I am taking a gap year right now. Since two months I am staying with a family here in Lakewood, whom I got to know in a two weeks exchange program with my school in Braunschweig/Brunswick. I am a passionated writer and deeply in love with your language, that's why I would like to share my view of your daily life with everyone who is interested. Also I'm trying to enhance my english skills whenever I can, to achieve my goal of speaking it fluently one day. I hope you'll enjoy my articles!


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